I do not know how to swim, can i get on the boat?

Yes you can. We just make sure that you put your life jacket on.

Can children or babys get on the boat?

Yes , they have to have the life jackets on, and its fine.

As long as you respect the boat and the sea, yes it is. Just watch where you go, do not drive the boat to the limit and we guarantee that you are going to have a perfect cruise.

Do I need a license for a boat?

No, you do not need one if the boat you drive has less than 30ps engine.

How far and where can I go?

On a boat till 30 PS you can go 3 miles away from Faliraki where we are, and you can visit Anthony Quinn Beach, Ladiko, Traganou and Kalithea. If you rent it for a day or rent a bigger boat ,you can go10 miles till Tsampika beach.

Do i pay for the fuel?

No. fuel is included in the price.

Is the fuel enough for our trip?

Always before the boat leaves from our base has been checked that the 22 litre’s tank is full. Nobody so far has needed more than that.

Is the boat insuranced?

Yes it is. This is a must so we can take a boat rental license.

If the boat brakes down do we pay for it?

We make sure that our engines and boats are working perfect, if the boat is going to be damaged underneath that means that you were not careful. If the damage is on the top of the engine,electric or electronic that has nothing to do with you. Remember , respect the boat and the sea, and we guarantee that is going to be a perfect cruise.

Can we get lost?

All boats have a GPS tracker. We know where you are anytie.There is a mobile phone as well where you can talk  with us anytime. In case of emergency you call us and we get there immediately. 

Is it safe?